Social “Influencers” at CES: A Twitter-Centric Process for Identification, Analysis and Outreach

by Steve Broback on January 3, 2012

Note: If you need to do social monitoring and/or outreach related to the 2012 International CES show you might find our analysis of the twitosphere useful. A detailed summary report of the data described below will be provided to registered attendees of our Social Media Success Stories” seminar at CES on Jan 11. The attendees who have registered specifically for our seminar can email me directly to be sent useful profile info prior to Jan 11. My address is steve (AT) parnassusgroup (DOT) com.

Attendees will also be provided a list of those who tweet about the CES 2012 and also follow the accounts of their company/brand Twitter accounts.

PS: We wince at the term “influencer” — but since it seems to dominate the jargon these days and with SEO being so essential, we decided to run with it.


As we prepare for our seminar and OnStar Tweet House party at CES, we’ve been examining hundreds of thousands of tweets and twitter profiles in order to determine who will be headed to Las Vegas for CES, what their interests are, and to what degree they move the needle as far as the social conversation goes.

As with so many of the attendees, exhibitors, and press who are attending CES, we want to make sure we have a firm grasp on who is relevant and pervasive throughout the buzz surrounding CES 2012. We also want to be as aware as possible of our buddies and boosters that will be in attendance.

To help the CE community maximize their success in Las Vegas, we will be talking about this process at our seminar on Jan 11, and updating our readers with our process and results.

For this first post, we’ll provide an overview of the data sets/tables we have created and linked:


Tweets that reference the 2011 expo. Approximately 330,000 tweets from 103,000 unique accounts. Search terms include hashtags like #ces, and other aligned terms such as “CES vegas”.

Tweets that reference the 2012 expo. Updated daily. Approximately 13,000 tweets (as of Jan 2) from 6,500 unique accounts. Search terms similar to the above.

User Profiles with Augmented Data:

Twitter API: To minimize API calls, and because we are more concerned with 2012 than 2011, we have limited our profile captures for the 2011-related accounts to those who issued 3 or more CES-focused tweets. All 2012-related account profiles are being captured. That has resulted in 50,000 complete twitter profiles. Standard profiles captured via the Twitter API include fields like: Name, location, no. of followers, no. they follow, description/bio, how many lists the account appears on, and verification status.

Profiles Augmented with Klout Scores:

All fields captured are described here.

Profiles Augmented with Topical Alignment:

The API’s provide us with strength of alignment to 14 topical areas: Business, Entertainment, Fashion, Finance, Food, Global, Health, Home, Men, Parents, Sports, Technology, US, Women. Peerindex has analyzed the links these accounts tweet out and has provided us with 1,400 different topics those links align to.

Organizational and Personal Affinity:

Followers of @Tweethouse, Parnassus staff, and close friends/partners are contained in a table and linked to the profiles table with username as a linking field. This allows us to see the relevant people who can be reached out to directly via a DM on Twitter.

Tweets referencing us. From a table containing 23,000 references aggregated since 2009.

Geographic Affinity:

Derived from data captured from Twitter API calls, we leverage a subset of the 86,000 Twitter accounts containing “vegas” within the location field. This is reduced to a more manageable/relevant set of 29,000 profiles by limiting the table to those who have tweeted 20 or more times and have 80 or more followers.

We’ve derived many useful insights from these data sets. Posts will follow to describe some of these, and of course we’ll be talking about it in our sessions.

Our Core Toolset:

uClassify API
Twitter API
Klout API
Peerindex API
FileMaker Pro 11

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