Tweet House in Park City sponsored by Cadillac

This Tweet House happened in the past! To see a list of upcoming events, check out our Locations page.

The Tweet House in Park City Utah during the Sundance Film Festival was incredibly fun. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces at the beautiful Riverhorse Cafe, the only four-star restaurant in Park City.


The Tweet House was at the Riverhorse Cafe at 540 Main Street, Park City, Utah.


2:00pm – 2:50pm

Social Media and Storytelling: Using “State of the Heart” Technology to Promote Your Film

Speakers: Peter Guber, Oren Jacob, Moderator: Steve Broback

Social tools like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube provide film makers with a global platform from which they have the opportunity to engage with distributors, film-goers and potential financiers. Leaders in the social arena know that the “broadcast” model of communication typically falls flat on the social Web, while those who can tell a compelling story and forge a real, human connection with the right online communities can (and do) succeed.

In this informal “fireside chat” we’ll get a chance to talk with Peter Guber (@peterguber), founder and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment and author of “Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Storyand Oren Jacob (@orenjacob), CTO, Pixar and Producer of “Ready Set, Bag!” about the philosophies, strategies and tactics that have helped them and other film makers make the right connections, grow their audience, and even fill theatres.

Can you create an emotional narrative in 140 characters? * How new platforms like Groupon are changing the face of movie marketing * What platforms are best for what kind of engagement/outreach * Dealing with negative responses * How social should fit into a traditional marketing plan and budget * Social advertising, what works, what doesn’t?

3:00pm – 3:40pm

Film and the Future: Emerging Technologies and Business Models That Will Drive Success in 2011 and Beyond

The evidence is clear, technological change breeds big winners, and (regrettably) some losers too. The key to success is having the vision to anticipate what the world will be like in five years, and making the right moves to position yourself as a relevant participant. Considering that the sands are shifting faster than ever, people who make, market, and distribute films need to stay on top of the trends to survive.

In this session, we’re bringing together several of the people who are helping define the future of film to talk about what technologies and processes are inevitable and how they believe the next generation of moguls will use them to best effect.

Innovations in financing: Crowdsourcing, taxation and more * Distribution and marketing via mobile and the cloud * Digital capture and editing: The SLR revolution * Data capture and predictive analysis * Apple, NetFlix, Hulu and Google: How will the studios/networks adapt?

3:50pm – 4:30pm

Social Media Best Practices: How Studios, Actors, and Agencies are Taking Advantage of the Real-Time Web.

Oren Jacob, Damon Berger, Steve Broback (moderator)

It’s no secret that social media is driving a fundamental change in the way films are marketed and how fans are engaged. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and mobile applications have moved from an experimental marketing arena to the epicenter of many organizational outreach strategies. Thanks to the explosion of online social platforms, Independent filmmakers with constrained budgets now have an inexpensive yet effective way to perform global, as well as hyper-targeted (geographic and interest-based) outreach.

In this session, our panel of experts will present real-world examples of film, creative, and talent-oriented companies that are using social media and other “Real-Time” Web tools and platforms to raise awareness, drive conversions/donations, and improve customer satisfaction.

Whether a first-time social media user or a digital enthusiast, this panel will provide insights into many aspects of social media best practices, including:

Do’s and don’ts of outreach and engagement * Discovering and working with bloggers and social influencers * Favorite tips, tools and platforms * Social giving: how celebrities are driving big online donations * Attributes of a “viral” campaign * Contests and promotions that drive response * Social listening: monitoring and mining online content * ROI: tools for measuring and tracking

5:00pm – 7:00pm

Cadillac Cocktail Party at the Tweet House

Join celebrities and social media influencers for drinks and conversation at the Cocktail Party.