The Chevy Tweet House at SXSW 2011

This Tweet House happened in the past! To see a list of upcoming events, check out our Locations page.

The Tweet House was a hit at SXSW 2011 on Friday, March 11th! Like in 2010, we be hosted sessions, a BBQ, and an awesome evening bash with live entertainment.

This was an invite-only event, and you had to be on the guest list to get in the door.

The Venue

The Tweet House is going to be at one of the coolest music venues in town: ND. ND is just a short walk from the Convention Center:

501 Studios – 501 I-35
Austin, TX, 78702

The Schedule

2:00pm to 2:40pm

Innovations in Community Building: The Latest in Social Marketing

How are todays top marketers using the latest social platforms and services to drive brand awareness, engagement, and conversions? As crucial — how are they growing their communities in an organic, non-spammy, acceptable way? In this session, our panel of innovators will present in-depth examples of their most recent successes in the world of online engagement. You’ll see what new tools, techniques, and services are driving results.

2:50pm to 3:30pm

Twitter as a Development Platform: How to Successfully Embrace a Tweet-Based Business Model

Twitter provides their developers with a robust API and a real-time data stream that can’t be matched. Many entrepreneurs have used these building blocks to create innovative apps and services that have become businesses unto themselves. In this informal panel conversation representatives from several Twitter-centric companies will discuss how they’ve created, expanded, and maintained a large market footprint while staying complimentary to the goals and aspirations of the “mother ship.”

3:40pm to 4:30pm

The Handheld Media Revolution: Insights From the Vanguard of iPad Development

It’s a tablet world now — and a universe of nimble cloud-centric apps, publications, and peripherals have taken over where monolithic application suites and oversized hardware have left off. Success awaits those that embrace this new world and invest their time and budgets properly. Choosing the right architectures, business models, APIs, or development tools are all critical to making a strong entrance to a handheld future. We’ve assembled a panel of handheld media success stories who will discuss how to win at this new game.

5:00pm – 7:00pm

Chevy Social

Immediately following the Tweet House sessions, Chevrolet will host an amazing set of influencers for BBQ and drinks at the Tweet House. A little music, a little refreshment, and a little Texas sunshine will go a long way.

9:00pm – 11:59pm

American Express Presents the Tweet House After Dark

American Express will be hosting digital influencers at the Tweet House After Dark, featuring a live performance from iPad DJ Rana June Sobhany.

Request an invite

The Tweet House sponsored by Chevrolet is an invite-only event — and it starts in about 13 hours! We’ve closed the invite form in order to review the remaining requests and get our guest list printed for the morning.